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It’s been a trying few weeks and it pained me that I haven’t been able to post on a regular basis.  I was laid up a few weeks from an accident and getting ready for the holiday.  Things are good now and in my absence so much entertainment news has happened.    While convalescing I had the movies to keep me company.  I was able to catch up on some movies I hadn’t gotten around to and discovering new ones.

Bourne Legacy was one of those must see summer movies and I was anticipating its July premiere.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to catch the movie when it came out.  Jeremy Renner as rogue agent, Aaron Cross with enhanced genetic altering abilities reinvigorated the franchise and took it in a different direction.  The stunts were kick-ass and I wouldn’t mind Jeremy Renner coming to my rescue.  Rachel Weisz brought her considerable talent to the role of Dr. Marta Shearing and made the role more than the damsel in distress.  She held her own going toe-to-toe with Renner.  Marta saved Aaron just has much as he saved her.  I can’t wait for the inevitable sequel.

Pitch Perfect came out in October and was one of those movies that looked like a fun movie to watch.  I found myself laughing out loud more than once.  Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy made the movie.  Anna Kendrick deserves all the accolades she has gotten since graduating from playing a secondary character in the Twilight Franchise.  It’s good to see her coming into her own and becoming a stand out actress.  Pitch Perfect draws inspiration from Glee but doesn’t take itself too serious.  The story is formulaic but the music is fun.  Kendrick and Wilson raise the movie from being a mediocre musical comedy with their performances.  Newcomer Skylar Astin as Jesse is charming and he plays well off of Kendrick’s Beca.

Wanderlust  came out October 2011 and starred Paul Rudd and Jennifer Anniston stars as New York yuppies, George and Linda Gergenblatt who find themselves forced to move in with George’s pompous brother in Georgia after being down sized.  They stop by a hippie commune bed and breakfast and encounter a free-spirited group living there.  Paul Rudd delivers another funny performance playing uptight George and Justin Theroux is a stand-out as stuck-in-the-past Seth.

In the Valley of Elah came out in 2007 and was directed by Paul Haggis.  The movie starred Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron and Susan Sarandon.  The movie was based on Mark Boal’s article, “Death and Dishonor” that was originally published in Playboy magazine in 2004.  Mark Boal’s also wrote the screenplay for Zero Dark Thirty.  The title refers to the biblical valley where David and Goliath did battle.  The film follows Jones as veteran Hank Deerfield as he investigates the disappearance and eventual murder of his son, Mike ( Jonathan Tucker).  Theron is the local police officer who assist in the investigation and Susan Sarandon is Hank’s wife, Joan.

Jones carries the movie as the emotionally stunted veteran who has lost one son to the war and now has lost a second son in a random act of violence as a result of the post traumatic stress disorder suffered by the returning soliders.  The best scene in the movie is when Hank tells the story about David and Goliath to Theron’s son in the movie.  The moment is telling of the challenges he is facing investigating his son’s death and the interaction between Theron’s son in the movie is telling of the relationship with Hank’s own son.  Theron and Sarandon are nice bookends as the two women trying to help Hank make sense of what happened.

I feel I have been in a vacuum so many apologies if I am posting some old news.   I hope you are enjoying the holidays and getting to see some good movies.


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