Colin Farrell is Featured in the Latest Issue of ‘Details Magazine’


Colin Farrell, the 36-year-old Dublin native has left his party boy ways and hard-drinking days behind him.  His biggest accomplishments to date is being the father of two young boys, James age 8 and Henry age 2.

Farrell is featured in a recent article for Details Magazine where he talks about his latest movie and his troubled past.

Colin Farrell reunited with his In Bruges director, Martin McDonagh for his latest film Seven Psychopaths.  Farrell plays Marty, a struggling screenwriter caught up in the dog-napping schemes of his friend played by Sam Rockwell.

Director Martin McDonagh praised Farrell’s portrayal of  ”the beleaguered straight man” to Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson and Christopher Walken.  

It’s very hard to get a film star who’s open to looking weak or sad or hurt or broken.   It takes a lot of integrity to go there, to explore a character’s weakness and not be worried about box office or hurting one’s image.”

Read the entire interview at Details.



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