Teases For New Season of ‘Once Upon a Time’ which Premieres Tonight


Season 2 of ABC’s hit fairytale series Once Upon a Time premiers tonight Sunday, September 30.  This is the season where magic comes to Storybook.

The new season picks up with all the residents of Storybook fully aware of their true identities.  The first question they will all have is “why are they still there?”  The assumption would be that once the curse is broken, everything would go back to how it was.  The residents of Storybook have “28 years of the curse that remain as real to them as their lives in fairytale land.”  Everybody will be interested in what their circumstances means and how will the presence of magic affect them.

Emma Swan is now a full believer and has to come to terms with what it means to be the saviour now that the curse is lifted.  She struggles with the new dynamic between her  new-found parents, Prince Charming/David and Snow White/Mary Margaret.  She’ll also has to reconcile what she thought she knew about the people in town and what they have become.

The rivalry between Rumpstilskin/Mr. Gold and Evil Queen/Regina is still going strong.  They keep messing with each other but find they need each other.  The history of their complicated relationship will be explored and more of their history will be revealed this season.

Showrunner Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis reveal the main themes this season will explore.

It’s going to be, “How does the real-world conflict with fairytale land? — in the sense that people have two lives in their head, and there may be things about who they once were they no longer want to be. In a weird way, the curse-breaking allows everyone to reevaluate themselves.

The new season premieres tonight on ABC at 8/7 C.  Read full article at TV Line. 

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