Images From the New Season of ‘Homeland’ Which Premieres Tonight


Season 2 of Showetime’s riveting series, Homeland premieres tonight Sunday, September 30.  The show swept this year’s Emmys winning Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor for Damian Lewis, Outstanding Lead Actress for Claire Danes and Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series for Howard Gordon.

Anticipation for the new season will likely be high and star Damain Lewis promises the show returns at an accelerated pace.

“It will surprise people how accelerated it is,” star Damian Lewis told HuffPost TV Emmys weekend. “But that’s the thing: We’ve just got to keep a jump ahead of the audience, and I think they’re brilliant at doing that. So far they’ve managed to do it without it becoming cartoonish or crazy. They’ve managed to still ground it in reality. It’s still a character-driven show. What’s brilliant about the plot and the incident and the storyline in this show is it’s generated by character, rather than the other way around. It’s always believable, so as long as they can keep doing that, then I think we’re in good shape.”

The new season picks up with Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) as a congressman and his wife, Jess (Morena Baccarin) enjoying the perks of his new position.  Carrie (Claire Danes) is recovering from the electroshock therapy she underwent at the end of the first season.  After being drummed out of the CIA last year, she will be pulled back in when a terrorist plot against the United States is uncovered and the asset with the critical information will only speak with Carrie.

Brody is still filled with paranoid anxiety as he juggles his new life and his overall mission to subvert within the U.S. government as he promised Abu Nazir (new series regular Navid Nagahban).

Brody’s wife Jess and their daughter Dana become more suspicious about him as the season progresses and begin to uncover some of his secrets.  Will Jess get close enough to find out who Brody is and what exactly his mission is?  The real question is how much will Carrie remember after having her memory wiped out by the electroconvulsive therapy.

Lewis teases a shocking ending in episode 2 that involves Abu Nazir. Brody becomes a little unhinged and is seen (in the trailer for the new season) washing blood off of himself.

“It’s very ‘Deer Hunter.’ That’s episode 3 … that’s a very, very almost gothic episode. It’s very operatic. It’s amazing.”

Watch season 2 of Homeland on Showtime at 10 PM ET.  Read rest of the Huffington Post article.


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