Steven Strait Talks About His New Movie, ‘After’ and the Starz Series ‘Magic City’


In an interview with Collider, Steven Strait talks about his new sci-fi thriller, After and the Starz series Magic City.

Steven Strait is Freddy in writer/director Ryan Smith’s After.  The story follows Freddy and Ana (Karolina Wydra) who survive a bus crash and find they are the only two people left in their small town.  They band together to find out if the town they know is really what it seems or if something else is behind all the strange events that are unfolding around them.

He was asked by a casting director to read for the lead part and was eventually drawn to the project for its original and intelligent script.  He believed in the project and wanted to help bring to life what he read on the pages of the script.

“It has a lot of different elements to it.  At its core, it’s a sci-fi/existential thriller.  It does have scarier moments, but it’s not really a horror movie, in any way.  It definitely had concepts that you don’t generally see it films, these days, that are at least released with a script that is really purely based on these questions of, ‘Where are we?  Why are we here?  Why are we both here together?’  He was trying to explore these philosophical ideals in a fun way without it hitting you over the head with any kind of intelligencia or pretension.”

Starz’s Magic City is the first television show Steven Strait has been on.  He didn’t reveal much about Season 2 but did say he is enjoying the luxury of exploring a character in a longer format versus the closed-end story telling in a movie.

“Yeah, for sure!  It is really interesting and I am enjoying it.  It’s almost like writing something long-form, as opposed to a short story.  You just have so much time to really explore the intricacies of these people.  Don’t get me wrong, I love film.  I love how you can shoot a movie in a month or two or three of four, and it’s this encapsulated story that you box up and ship out into the world, and what it is, is what it is.”

After opened on September 14 in limited theaters.

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