Ryan Kwanten, Joe Manganiello and Sam Trammell of HBO’s ‘True Blood’

The fifth season of True Blood is down to two more episodes.  I am still on the fence about the show “jumping the shark” or not.  This season is going slower than other seasons with all the vampire politics and religion.  Fans were hoping for some closure to the Sookie, Bill and Eric triangle.  Other fans were rooting for a new Sookie and Alicide hook-up other than the brief one at the beginning of the season.  Bottom line is we just want to see more True Bloodman-meat.

Ask and you shall receive.  DA Man Magazine featured some of the hunky men from True Blood.  

Sam Trammell plays good-guy shifter, Sam Merlotte on the show.  He talked about what his dream storyline would be.

“I don’t specifically have a dream storyline, but I’d like to do more work with the vampires. I hardly ever get to see those people.”

Joe Manganiello is hotty werewolf, Alcide Herveaux on the popular series.  He was asked if series creator Alan Ball is open to getting input from the cast.

“I don’t tell daddy how to f*#k … Alan is a genius. I trust his judgment implicitly and I give everything I have to my job, which is playing Alcide. Alan and the writers give me the situation and what I’m going to say and then I put my stink on it.”

Aussie native, Ryan Kwanten plays sexy man-whore,  Jason Stackhouse and brother to Sookie.  He talked about how often he gets to go back home to Australia.

“The shooting of the show takes six months and then it has six months off. In those six months off, I try to do between two or three films and with one of those films I try to go back and support the local Australian film industry. I’m going back there again this year to do another film, and I’ve done that every year.”

Read more at DA Man for Sam Trammell, Joe Manganiello and Ryan Kwanten.


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