The Next Generation of Hollywood Stars in ‘Esquire’

The September issue of Esquire features six “young actors poised for a tremendous year” in their “The Next Generation of Hollywood Stars” cover.   There are three separate covers with cover-hunks Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, Armie Hammer, Idris Elba, Aaron Paul and Garrett Hedlund.

Taylor Kitsch was poised for a stellar year but unfortunately he started out the year with two crapfest movies, John Carter and Battleship.  It’s doubtful these two setbacks will keep the 31-year-old Canadian star down for long. He gained some goodwill in Oliver Stone’s, Savages and his talent should take him even further.  He will next appear in another Peter Berg film, Lone Survivor where he plays one of the real-life fallen heroes of SEAL Team 10.  Read more at Esquire and see the video.

The 25-year-old Armie, short for Armand seemed destined to become a movie star with his classic movie-star looks and height.  His real-life background reads like the characters he portrays – Wasp and rich.  His great-grandfather founded Occidental Petroleum.  Armie made his mark playing the Winklevii twins in The Social Network and Hoover’s right hand man in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar.  He will next be seen starring as the Lone Ranger alongside Johnny Depp’s Tonto.   Read more at Esquire and see video.

The 39-year-old British actor, Idris Elba up until now was known mainly for his television roles in The Wire and Luther.  His deep baritone voice and the glimmer in his eye makes him both sinister and sexy.   Idris played the ship’s captain in Ridley Scott’s alien linked, Prometheus.  He will next be seen in Guillermo del Toro’s alien-invasion epic, Pacific Rim and then as Nelson Mandela in the biopic, Long Walk to Freedom.  Read more at Esquire and see video.

The 32-year-old Emmy winner, Aaron Paul is ending his run as sensitive meth dealer, Jesse in one of the most critically acclaimed shows on TV, Breaking Bad.  The actor admitted he didn’t have any new offers lined up but it’s doubtful that will last.  He’s one of those stars that could easily make the transition from television star to movie star. Read more at Esquire and see video.

Fans of the 27-year-old Minnesota native will attest he has been on their next big star list for some time now.  He came on the scene in the movie version of Friday Night Lights and then the reboot of Tron.  He’s not one of those actors who shies away from the uncomfortable or the difficult as we will see when Hedlund takes on the role of Dean Moriarty in the long gestating adaption of Jack Kearoac’s On the Road.  He has a three-way with Kristen Stewart and Sam Riley then one very uncomfortable sex scene with Steve Buscemi in the film.  He will next appear in the Coen brother’s Inside Llewyn Davis.   Read more at Esquire and see video.

Sometime it’s easy to forget how young the only 21-year-old British actor, Aaron Johnson is because he’s been acting for so long and the parts he plays seem to transcend age.   Johnson skillfully morphs into the characters he portrays.  He was the unlikely hero in Kick-Ass and the iconic rock legend, John Lennon in Nowhere Boy.  He also appeared next to another cover-boy, Taylor Kitsch in this summer’s Oliver Stone film, Savages.  He was the sensitive hippy pot-dealer, Ben who was forced to go against his anti-violent belief and get brutally violent to save his girlfriend from some nasty drug cartel thugs.  He will next be seen as the swoon worthy, Vronsky in Joe Wright’s adaption of Anna Karenina.  Read more at Esquire and see video.



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