Alex Pettyfer’s Busy Year

Alex Pettyfer of Magic Mike and I Am Four fame will have a busy year.  It was announced in Variety, he will be appearing in three movies: Lee Daniels’ The Butler about a White House butler serving eight presidents from 1952 to 1986; Cali starring along side Kristen Stewart as a couple who makes a fake snuff film they sell and then leave town only to return years later to save Kristen Stewart’s character’s sister; and finally an adaption of a crime novel by Alan Watt called Diamond Dogs.   


About Entertainment Phile

Do what I love and give back. Those are the main ideologies for this site. I get to post topics near and dear to me and have a place to share it with others. I’ve been an entertainment junkie since I was born. There are so many outlets out there that provides entertainment news but the content was never enough to satisfy my appetite for more in-depth coverage. Spurned on by curiosity and motivated to find the answers, I’ve logged many hours looking for the latest updates on everything entertainment related. As a recipient of all this new found information, I hope this will be a resource for news about movies, TV shows, books and all things entertainment.
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