‘W Magazine’ Cover, “Smash of the Titans” with Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron appear on the cover of  W Magazine’s August issue.  The attractive duo co-starred in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi thriller, Prometheus.  In the film, a group of explorers follow a star map discovered in ancient cave drawings found on Earth and travel to a distant planet in hopes of discovering the origins of humankind.  What they find at their destination is more menacing then they could imagine and the survival of the human world may hang in the balance.  In Prometheus, Ridley Scott explores the themes of belief in a higher creator and what lengths man-kind will go to prove or disprove that belief.  The films also touches upon reason versus emotion and blind curiosity leading to the discovery of evils no one would want to encounter.

Michael Fassbender  played the android, David and Charlize Theron played the Weyland executive, Meredith Vickers.  The article describes the characters as having a sibling rivalry of sorts with Vickers as the bossy older sister.  David is the typical android who lacks emotions and is more cerebral. Vickers is driven by emotion and mask her insecurities with a cold demeanor.  Both David and Vickers attempt to please father figure, CEO Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) and compete for his favor.

The actors have a good rapport and natural chemistry with one another.  They developed a friendship after meeting at rehearsals for Prometheus; that grew during filming and continued throughout the award season.  During the photo shoot in an abandoned Brooklyn factory,  Charlize Theron jokingly suggested, “I would like to see a romantic comedy between those two characters.”

When asked how they were introduced to one another in films, Charlize Theron revealed the first movie she saw Michael Fassbender in was Steve McQueen’s Hunger – about the IRA activist, Bobby Sand who killed himself during a hunger strike while in prison.

“Hunger. A friend said, ‘You have to see this movie. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in my entire life.’ I thought, Just chill out, okay? But I was absolutely blown away by it. It was, like, all bets are off from now on. This is the guy.'”

The first movie Michael Fassbender saw of Charlize Theron’s was The Devil’s Advocate.

“The Devil’s Advocate. ‘I knew nothing about it before I went, and during the movie I thought, Well, who’s this person? I had no idea what the movie was about.'”

Both stars were asked what is easier for them to do: sex scenes or death scenes.

 Charlize Theron picked sex scenes.
CT: It depends on who you’re doing the sex scene with. I don’t have issues being naked [pauses]. That sounds very slutty.
MF: Kind of. I didn’t want to say anything, but yes.
CT: What I mean is, I’m not hung up on my body, and I’ve been lucky to work with people I’ve been really comfortable with. I’ve had maybe two occasions where…”
MF: It’s been uncomfortable.
CT: And Michael’s one of the two who did not make me feel very comfortable [laughter].
MF:I was a robot!
Michael Fassbender leaned more toward death scenes.
MF:I don’t know. Sex scenes sound like more fun than they are. Death scenes are easier, really. Maybe because I’ve died so many times. I’ve had a lot of practice. In my movies, I’m often naked or dying.
MF: I try to die in most films I do. In 300 I was killed by arrows. In Inglourious Basterds I got my testicles blown off through my ass.
CT: That was a great death.
MF: I had two exit wounds sewn into my pants: one on each butt cheek. It was a great death.
Charlize Theron is currently working on Mad Max: Fury Road and Michael Fassbender is working with Steve McQueen on Twelve Years a Slave. 


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