Sam Claflin: ‘My Prince isn’t Actually Hugely Charming’

Sam Claflin who maybe  in the running for the role of Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire,  was interviewed for the July issue of GQ Uk Magazine.  The 25-year-old British actor talked about surreal moments filming Snow White and the Huntsman and being completely exposed when he met his fiance, then girlfriend’s mother for the first time.  He also revealed how his Prince William compared with Armie Hammer’s (The Social Network) prince in the other Snow White movie, Mirror Mirror.

On meeting his fiance, actress Laura Haddock’s mother and family for the first time:

“‘The first thing she saw me in was Any Human Heart, with me having sex with another girl, my bum on full show. And it wasn’t just the once. Her family and friends were like, ‘Is this your daughter’s new boyfriend?'”

The weirdest part of filming Snow White and the Huntsman wasn’t working with Thor hunk, Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman or sexy Charlize Theron as the evil Queen but seeing talented thespians, Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Ray Winstone, and Nick Frost  (actors he looked up to as a child) playing the dwarves.

“‘The whole thing was insane,’ says the Norwich-born Claflin. ‘These incredible actors I’ve grown up watching, all dressed up as dwarves. These are my heroes. And now they’re dressed as eegits. But also, they all had the equivalent of Mini-Mes that dressed up in the same outfits, and even had prosthetic masks on to look like them. And some of their doubles were female. So, occasionally, you’d see a small version of Ian McShane talking like a woman…  it was very, very surreal.'”

He reveals how his Prince William is not as charming as Armie Hammer’s prince but he could definitely beat him in a fight.

“‘Haha, out-charm? Uh, no. My prince isn’t actually hugely charming.’ Okay.  ‘The way I portray him is that he hasn’t even been with any other women.’ Right… ‘He’s actually a bit broody. A bit depressed…'”

“‘In a fight? Oh yeah. Different kingdoms. I’d kick his backside.'”

Sam Claflin is currently appearing on the BBC show, White Heat which charts the lives of seven friends from 1965 to present day.  He plays Jack who is born into privilege but feels the class system he is part of as being oppressive and antiquated.  He is rebel looking for a cause and his character is described as “a kind of latter day Jack Kerouac, iconoclastic, idealistic and dangerously charismatic. There is a restless rage in him, born, he claims from social injustice he sees all around him but he is also propelled by unresolved demons of a more personal nature.”

Read more at British GQ

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