‘Looper’ Stars Emily Blunt and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Agree No Traveling to the Past for Them

During this year’s Comic-Con panel, stars Emily Blunt and Joseph Gordon-Levitt of  the sci-fi thriller Looper discussed what attracted them to the film and their characters.  In Looper, time travel is possible but illegal and only available on the black-market.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Joe, a mob hit-man who takes out victims sent back from the future.  He plays the younger version of Bruce Willis who also stars in the film.

After working on Brick together, Rian Johnson, director and writer of Looper specifically had  Joseph Gordon-Levitt in mind when he wrote the part of the young mob hit-man, Joe.  Gordon-Levitt was honored knowing Johnson wrote the role for him and this is the first time a writer had him in mind when writing a part.

If Gordon-Levitt doesn’t quite look like himself in Looper, it’s because he had to go through a heavy make-up transformation to look like a younger version of Bruce Willis.  The fact is cutie Gordon-Levitt looks nothing like Bruce Willis with hair, without hair, a younger Willis or any other rendition of the famous action star.

The true professional that he is, Joseph Gordon-Levitt spent time studying Bruce Willis.  In an interview with the The Hollywood Reporter , he revealed the methods he employed so he could play a convincing version of the veteran actor.

“’I really did study him. I watched his movie on repeat, I took the audio off of his movie and put them on my iPod so I could listen to him,” he said. “But really more helpful than anything was getting to hang out with him.’”

During the fight scenes, it helped that he was working with an experienced star of Bruce Willis’ caliber.

“’It feels a lot safer when somebody knows as well as he does how to do it,’ he said.”

“’At the same time, I did get hit in the head once, which felt awesome,’ he added. ‘I was like, ‘I just got hit in the head by Bruce Willis.’”

Emily Blunt who plays Sara in Looper was looking for female character roles that were not simplified.  Her character, Sara had a rich back-story and was tough with a mystery to her.  For Emily Blunt, what attracted to her to sci-fi movies such as Adjustment Bureau and Looper was the films explored stories that were high concept and posed a moral dilemma.

When asked if either one would want to go back to the past and erase any aspect of their lives, both stars agreed they would not want to erase anything citing the ripple effects it may have.  Emily Blunt felt things happen as they should.

“‘Things happen in the way they usually should. I’m a pretty fatalistic person.'”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt enjoyed the reactions he received from co-stars, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt when they saw him in full prosthetics.  At one point in a scene, Willis was a bit rattled by how close Joseph Gordon-Levitt was channeling him.

“’You sound like me.’ I was like, ‘You’re fucking right, I do!’ I didn’t let him see me do that.'”

Emily Blunt had a surreal experience when she wasn’t sure if she was talking to her co-star or his double.

“’I know what Joe Levitt looks like, and that is not it.  And then, I started to have a brain melting experience, thinking, ‘Oh, my god, I am not speaking to Joe Gordon-Levitt. I’m speaking to his stunt man.  Someone put me in the wrong trailer. I’m telling this guy all about my character.’ It was very strange.'”

Looper hits theatres in September 2012.

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