Comic-Con 2012 ‘Total Recall’ Cast Panel

The Comic-Con Total Recall panel included stars, Colin Farrell (Dougals Quaid), Kate Beckinsale (Lori Quaid), Jessica Biel (Melina), and Bryan Cranston (Vilos Cohaagen).  They discussed working on the film and the difference between this version and the 1990 version.

Colin Farrell reveals this current version is more serious than the original.

“’I really didn’t have to film his shoes,” he said. ‘The biggest difference with this incarnation is the tonal shift. The other one had an absurd sense of humor. This is played a lot straighter. I don’t have one liners…I didn’t have to fight to make it different. I felt it was already different enough.’”

Kate Beckinsale discussed how her character is a mix of the Sharon Stone character and also the role of the heavy played by Michael Ironside from the 1990 film.

“’Audiences back then perhaps weren’t used to seeing a woman without a right hand man,’ Beckinsale said, adding that another variation on a movie is akin to  seeing different versions of Shakespearean productions.”

Read the article here at The Hollywood Reporter


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