Surfer Turned Superhero Heart-throb, Chris Hemsworth is Having a Stellar Year

This has been a banner year for the 28-year-old Aussie.  He’s coming off the success of a mega-franchise, The Avengers and will be reprising his role as the Norse God, Thor in the sequel to his own 2011 super-hero franchise.  He also appeared on Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron.  He will next be seen in the Ron Howard helm seventies auto-racing drama, Rush where he will be playing real-life race driver, James Hunt.

In a recent interview with W Magazine (read full interview here), Chris Hemsworth talks about not getting weary about the promotions and travel involved with being in such high profile films.  He also gives some details about his new movie, Rush.

“’It’s easy to go, ‘Oh, God, I’m just talking about the same questions’ or ‘I’m exhausted from traveling’—but no, no,’ Hemsworth says, sitting in the hotel’s library. ‘I would much rather be doing this than things I have done in the past. It’s an incredibly exciting job.’”

“Next comes the seventies auto-racing drama Rush, directed by
Ron Howard and slated for release early next year, in which Hemsworth plays the late real-life driver James Hunt, a charming roué remembered as much for his bedroom conquests as for his triumphs on the track. ‘Ron keeps saying it was when ‘the driving was dangerous and the sex was safe,’  Hemsworth says, laughing. ‘Now it’s the other way around.’”

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