Breaking Bad’s Biker Boy – Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul who plays meth dealer, Jesse Pinkman in the critically acclaimed AMC series, Breaking Bad, was interviewed for a recent issue of GQ Magazine (read full interview here).   Breaking Bad is rounding out it’s final season which premieres tonight.  The show is about Walter White, a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer at the being of the series.  He begins to produce and sell methamphetamine with a former student, Jesse Pinkman in hopes of securing a financial future for his family before he dies.

Aaron Paul suprisingly does not have everyone in the business knocking down his door to line up another job after riding the high of being on one of the best TV series.  He also mentioned being star struck after meeting Connan O’Brian.

“You’d think so, right? I have no idea. I just roll with it. It’s strange that I’m going to be unemployed very soon”.

“Totally. I noticed Conan O’Brien in the audience. I’m rarely starstruck, but I hold him on such a high pedestal—I just love that man. And so Lauren and I are standing outside, it’s kind of raining out, I’m like, “We have to accost him. We just have to.” And then we kind of chicken out when he walks by and gets into his Suburban—his driver, you know, picks him up. And then we’re like, “Let’s just walk over there and watch him drive by.” So we just walk down the street a little bit, and he starts driving by, and we’re like [he cranes his neck]—just so we can see him one more time, and then the car stops, and the back window rolls down, and we can’t see anything inside; it’s just so dark in there. And then all of a sudden, six-foot—how tall is he?”

Exactly, with the hair. So this six-foot-seven man gets out of the car and just starts—runs over to Lauren and me in the rain. I’m just so shell-shocked. I can’t believe that this visual’s in front of me, happening right now. And then he just confessed his love of the show. I was just like, “Uhhhhhh.” I couldn’t—I literally couldn’t speak. Then he offered us a ride to our hotel. We were just so shocked at what was going down that we said no, even though it was pouring rain and it was going to be impossible to get a cab”.


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