Showtime ‘Shamless’ Cast Discuss the Gallagher Family Antics at Comic-Con 2012 Panel

The Shameless Panel took place today with cast members: William H. Macy (Frank Gallagher), Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher), Jeremy Allen White (Phillip ‘Lip’ Gallagher), Cameron Monaghan (Ian Gallagher) and honorary Gallagher, Justin Chatwin (Steve/Jimmy).

Production of season 3 is already under way.  The cast reveal shocking moments from last season, nudity, forgetting a character’s sexual orientation and what shows they geek out over.

William H. Macy describes his bump to series regular for next season,

“‘To use a theater analogy, we opened well, we got past the second night and now the stretch lays before us.  I’m having more fun than I ever have standing up.’”

Justin Chatwin reveals how little clothes he has worn since the start of production.

“’I’ve worn clothes in three scenes so far and we’re in episode three.’”

Cameron Monaghan has to sometime remind himself that his character, Ian is gay and having to come-out as straight.

 “’I forget a lot of the time that he’s (Ian’s) gay.  Every time I do an interview I kind of have to come out as straight to the audience.  He’s a complex guy.  He’s got a lot to deal with.  It’s less important to think about his sexuality and more important to think about the emotion and stress that he’s going through.’”

With all the sex, drugs, felonies and outrageous antics that happen on the show, it would seem much would shock Emmy Rossum who reveals what shocked her the most from last season.

“’The thing that surprised me most was last season with Butterface.  The episode where Frank takes the call about the heart coming in.  There’s never been an issue where I thought Fiona did a thing that was unforgivable.’”

Jeremy Allen White shares he geeks out over “everything on Showtime.”

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