Chris Zylka: No Flash in the Pan

Chris Zylka (Secret Circle) paid his dues appearing mostly in tween fair from the Disney Channel and the CW.  The 27-year-old actor hit the jackpot when he landed the role of Flash in the mega-hit, The Amazing Spider-man.  He will be joining the second season of American Horror Story and recently spoke to the Los Angeles Times (read the rest of the interview here) about his experience making Spider-man.

He spoke about his character, Flash and the different variations of him.

“He’s a bit more rough around the edges than you’ve previously seen him. He has a bit more complexity to him than just some bully who picks on kids for the fun of it. He’s in some ways tormenting himself while picking on Peter”.

His first impression of the Spider-man character even with all the different versions of the masked hero in various mediums – film, TV, and comics.  

“Like everyone else on the planet, I saw the Raimi films, and fell in love with the story and the character. It’s going to be exciting to see how attached people will get to our version of the story, which is quite different”.

He was asked if making the movie made him miss high school. 

“Of course not. If you can walk onto the set of a Sony production, let alone the production of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and miss high school then you should search for another career path”.

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