What is Recall?

The rebooted Total Recall  which is a remake of the 1990 movie staring Arnold Schwarzenegger hits theatres August 3.  The film is based on the Phillip K. Dick 1966 short story, We Can Remember if For You Wholesale.   Phillip K. Dick stories are the gifts-that-keep-giving for Hollywood sci-fi movie ideas.  Blade Runner, A Scanner Darkly, Adjustment Bureau, and The Minority Report are all movies that came from the Phillip K. Dick story well.

In Total Recall, Colin Farrell plays Douglas Quaid, a factory worker who suffers from violent nightmares.  The story takes place in 2084 against the aftermath of a devastating war that has divided the world into two superpowers, Euroamerica and New Shanghai – both factions are still battling for supremacy over the other.  Quaid suspects his own memories were wiped and replaced with another after he visits the Rekall Corporation –  a company that provides clients with implanted memories of any life they would like to experience.   Is he a spy and if so, which side is he fighting for?

The film also stars Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) as Quaid’s wife, Lori; Jessica Biel (New Year’s Eve) as Resistance member, Melina; Bill Nighy (Pirates of Caribbean: At World’s End) as Matthias Lair, a Euroamerican rebel leader; and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as Vilos Cohaagen, President of Euroamerica.


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