Taylor Kitsch Tries to Reverse a Bad Year

Taylor Kitsch reverses a bad year with Savages – No more movies with green screens for awhile.  

Taylor Kitsch started 2012 with two less-than-stellar performing high profile projects, John Carter and Battleship.  The year may be turning around for him after the Oliver Stone helm, Savages secured the number four spot at the box office taking in over $16 million its opening weekend.  

In an interview with Collider.Com, Kitsch talks about how he used Don Winslow’s novel, Savages to get into character, the connection between Ben, O and Chon, the movie’s ending and not doing any more big-budget movies in awhile.  

Kitsch talks about loving Chon in the book and the scene from the script that showed who Chon is for him.

“Chon says maybe two lines in the book.  I definitely thought about it, and I love Chon in the book.  Everyone does.  I selfishly wish we had a couple of those scenes from the book, where he goes onto the sailboat and does what he does.  But, I think it would be incredibly boring to watch me not say a word and not really do much, and then shoot the odd gun.  One of my favorite scenes is in the car, after we switch cars and they take the money, because that’s just verbally where we’re both at.  I love that scene.  That’s really who Chon is to me”. 

Taylor talks about how Ben and Chon connect to each other on a personal level.

“For me, it’s acceptance.  I don’t think it made it in [the film], but Chon’s father beat the crap out of him a lot and they had some of that in there.  With O and Ben, it’s more that they accept Chon for who he is.  With any relationship, that’s everything.  Ben is the one person who Chon will do anything for.  To protect Ben and O is Chon’s purpose.  His purpose is lost, being out of the war.  Ben has given Chon purpose.  For me, that was everything.  That’s why he would do what he did to protect him”.

His thoughts about the movie ending. 

“I don’t have a preference about all of it.  I think it just reveals so much, in different ways.  That’s the beauty of it, to me.  It’s quite intense, and we actually had a lot of fun shooting it.  We were shooting in the middle of nowhere with all these guys, and we could just go for it.  I had a lot of fun doing it”.

Kitsch talks about doing two big-budget sci-fi films compared to a more character driven movie like Savages.

“Yeah, it was exciting.  I kept pitching aliens to Oliver, but he wasn’t buying it.  No.  It’s back to just being mano y mano, and working with actors and not green screen.  That was very refreshing.  Both those films taught me an immense amount of patience, and I think I really brought that over to Savages.  I really loved being on this set with these actors, and being a part of it.  Not that I didn’t with the others, but just to make it as raw as this film is and to get back to what it is, going off another actors and really searching, creating and collaborating in that way is really refreshing, and I’ll stay on that track.  There will be no more green screen for awhile”.

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