Charlie Hunnam ‘The Ledge’

“What would you die for?”  

The Ledge

Released 2011

Director/Writer: Matthew Chapmen

Cast: Liv Tyler as Shana, Charlie Hunnam as Gavin, Patrick Wilson as Joe, Terrence Howard as Hollis and Christopher Gorham as Chris 

The Ledge, a provocative, gripping story about how far someone will go for the person he loves.  The story begins with Gavin standing on a ledge of a building and a police officer, Hollis there to talk him down.  The story slowly reveals through flash backs how Gavin, an assistant hotel manager meets Shana, a student he interviews and hires for a part-time job. Shana and her husband, Joe are also Gavin’s new neighbors in the apartment building he lives in with his gay roommate, Chris.  Shana and Joe invite Gavin and Chris over for dinner.  Joe is a devout Christian and during dinner he ask to pray for both Gavin, the atheist and Chris, the gay.  Gavin ask Joe what is so “abominable” about him and Chris then walks out in disgust.  Shana becomes uncomfortable with where the dinner discussion is going and apologizes to Chris who has stayed behind.  Shana is a fragile person who use to be a drug addict and prostitute.   Joe is a domineering man who helped Shana get clean through faith in God.  He treats Shana like a child even tucking her in at night with a teddy bear.  Shana is grateful for everything Joe has done to help her and it seems that loyalty is the reason she is with him.  Gavin is drawn to Shana and pursues her initially to piss off her bigot husband.  He tells her on the way to work one day that she has a “sexy mouth.”   Shana reminds Gavin that it is “a very married, sexy mouth.”  The more time Gavin and Shana spend together, the more she sees Gavin as a gentle, caring person harboring his own pain about losing his daughter. Shana discovers a passion with Gavin that she never had with Joe.  They continue their affair until Joe becomes suspicious and follows them confirming his worst fears.  Angered, Joe calls Gavin to tell him he will kill Shana if he does not climb on the ledge of the building across from the hotel and jump at noon.  Hollis who is harboring his own secrets about his wife’s lies slowly uncovers that Gavin is not there by choice and is protecting the woman he loves.  Hollis races to discover where Joe is holding Shana before Gavin has to jump.  For someone who has so little faith, will Gavin have the conviction of heart to do what he must to save the woman he loves? 


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