Taylor Kitsch Gets into Character for ‘Savage’ LA Press Conference

Taylor Kitsch answered some questions with Aaron Johnson at a LA Savage press conference about his character’s Ben and Chon’s relationship and how they could share a girlfriend without the jealousy.  They also talk about their take on Salma Hayek’s (Elena) comment that if they loved O they wouldn’t share her.

“I agree. I think it’s more of the trust thing. For us, I think it was more of a brotherhood. It really does come down to the trust and that was such an integral part of the movie because we have barely any scenes with her so we had to get it basically in one scene. In one scene we had to show this connection between three people that would literally die for each other. So there was more at stake than just showing that we can do it and make it work.”

I think it’s almost un-debatable that you can tell how much we love O. I think it’s more of playing the higher card rather than making it about us, of who loves her more, rather than both of us dying for her more or less, or doing whatever it takes. I think our actions will speak a lot louder than us debating who loves her more.”

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