Oliver Stone on ‘Savages’ Unexpected Ending

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Savages had a better-than-expected opening with a $5.6 million take on Friday – putting them in the No. 5 spot at the box office.  They are expecting a three-day opening total of $16.8 million which is far ahead of the $10 million estimated by Universal.  

For those who have read Don Winslow’s novel and seen the movie, I am not giving much away by saying the ending was not what was expected.  I liked the movie ending.  It leaves the possibility for a sequel.  

Oliver Stone spoke to Collider.Com about the film’s ending and the heavy handed editing to cut the movie down to the 2 hour 10 minute running time and in effect cutting out Uma Thurman’s scenes as O’s mom.  

“There are twists and turns in this movie, and some of them are pretty wild. There are a lot of them, actually, if you start counting back. A lot of relationships are discovered, as you go, so it does pick up its momentum. I would say there’s a romantic way out, which was from the book. I see the world a little bit more realistically. I love the ending of the book. It reminds me of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I do think the drug world and the drug deals go on. We all have idealism. We think we’re healthy and then, all of a sudden, one day, you have cancer. The truth has a mind of its own. I think the whole film is an argument for the love or not love between three people. I had to deal with my own conscience on it”.

“We cut a lot. The book is 120 scenes and, in a movie, we had 30 scenes to play. We had to make decisions with the script. We made decisions in the editing. We had to consolidate so much. There were so many things that were different in the movie than the book. You have to read the book to understand that. But, the book definitely inspired me. Don Winslow did a great job of writing it. He knew that world and it really gave me the desire to make a movie about it. We have some good deleted scenes that you’ll see one day that are fun, but they had to go. Benicio’s home life was among them. And Uma Thurman was Blake’s mom”.


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