Aaron Johnson Talks About ‘Savages,’ ‘Kicks-Ass 2,’ and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

We haven’t heard from the other bookend, Ben.  He spoke with Collider.Com recently about Savages, Kick Ass and 50 Shades of Grey.

Oliver Stone casted him for the role in Savages but initially didn’t know for which role.

Yeah!  There were great qualities about either guy, but I think we found the right place.  It just fell into place that Ben was where we were heading with me, and they found a great actor for Chon.  I can’t think of anyone better.  I’ve gotta give it to the man.  It’s very rare that someone will play that card.

Thoughts about his acting dynamic with Taylor Kitsch.

Yeah, it really was a journey.  The more that we had these intense scenes that we were both going through, the more we realized that the dynamic in our relationship and our brotherhood was being tested and being pulled apart.  That thing that they both could find, in the end, that they could both agree on, was that they were doing it for O (Blake Lively)

The sequel to Kick Ass happening soon.

 It’s pretty much set to go, this Fall.  I think now Chloe [Grace Moretz] and Chris [Mintz-Plasse] are on board.  I’m certainly set up to do it.  Jeff Wadlow is to direct.  Yeah, I think it’s going to happen.

Thoughts on Brett Easton Ellis thinking he would be perfect for the part of Christian Grey in E.L. James, 50 Shades of Grey.

You can only be very grateful.  It’s great when talented people in the world, in the same business, can see your work and compliment you on what you’re doing and take a strong interest in your movements in your career.  It is very great to see that.  At least it keeps the studio heads thinking, as well.  Maybe it makes you a bit more bankable.  I don’t know.


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