Spidey Senses Tingling For Andrew Garfield

The Amazing Spider-man opened domestically on Tuesday, July 3 to a record breaking $35 million – making it the biggest opening of all time and trouncing The Transformers $27.8 million opening in 2007.

In The Amazing Spider-man, Andrew Garfield plays a younger, sleeker, and sexier Spider-man.  The 28 year-old actor was born in Los Angeles and moved to England when he was three.  The Spider-man reboot has given this very talented actor the forum to showcase his skills to the world.  For Spider-man, he transformed his lean, skinny body into a hunky bulked-up muscular mass in six weeks taking his body inspiration from Bruce Lee.  The Amazing Spider-man stunt coordinator, Andy Armstrong told MTV News the transformation was sensational.

“When we first met him, he was quite nerdy, a skinny guy; a young kid, really.

“He wanted to get genuine strength. Our only reference point when approached to help create the character was an early ’60s picture of Bruce Lee’s torso. That was the form they’d love this character to be based on.

“I showed this [photo] to Andrew, and brought him a trainer who told him he could do this Hollywood-style; bulk up, and six weeks into training [he’d] have huge chest, shoulders and arms, but no real strength.”

 ”Andrew and the trainer went the other way. They stripped him down to probably around 100 pounds, then built him back up in core strength. He was the same size when he started, but his strength was incredible.”

“It was a fantastic moment. One of my riggers just said, ‘Wow. Look at him!’”

In a Reuters interview, Garfield talks about being in a blockbuster and getting a career-changing role.

“I don’t need to do anything as big as this ever again. This role is the visible role. There are very few of these roles that would get me out of bed and Spider-Man just happened to be the one that makes me go: ‘I’ve got to be Spider-Man, because he is my favorite.’ He’s been my favorite since I was three.”

“I like to feel like people ask you to do things because you are right for the story or right for the role, as opposed to right for their checkbook. The whole movie star thing is something that I’m not crazy about pursuing because it’s fleeting and temporary and kind of based on nothing.”


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